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Schumacher Place

Named for the Schumacher family who owned a dairy in the area, Schumacher Place was established in 1983. Many of the neighborhood’s early residents worked in the nearby Brewery District. However, Prohibition and The Great Depression negatively impacted the district’s economy. In the mid-1960s, Frank Fetch and a handful of others began their effort to save the small houses indigenous to the area.

Restaurant Review: Banana Bean Cafe

crsimp01 crsimp01

Breakfast From The Liquor Cabinet. There isn’t much new that could surprise me when it comes to breakfast and I would probably eat 99.9% of what is placed in front of me. You see breakfast in my eye is just that good and a trip to Columbus’ Brewery District Banana Bean Cafe at 340 Greenlawn Avenue […]


Schumacher Place getting new LEED townhomes

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Kossuth Green is the name of a new two-townhome development planned at 488 E. Kossuth Street (at the corner of Kossuth & Washington) in Schumacher Place. From their website: “With consideration to property assessment, building orientation, and the density factor, Kossuth Green focuses on sustainable design- which is our direction in the future of the […]


Council approves South Side Plan amendment

Walker Evans Walker Evans Council approves South Side Plan amendment

This Week News wrote Council approves South Side amendment Thursday, February 14, 2008 DAVID J. CROSS Columbus City Council unanimously voted Monday to amend the city’s South Side Plan (84 page PDF) to include the remaining portion of Merion Village and Schumacher Place. The initial plan, completed in 2002, included the southern part of Merion […]


Amended South Side plan ready for review

Walker Evans Walker Evans Amended South Side plan ready for review

This Week News wrote Amended South Side plan ready for review Thursday, November 1, 2007 SUE HAGAN Merion Village and Schumacher Place residents can peek into the possible future of their neighborhoods during presentations of the Amended South Side plan tonight and next week. They will hear about a lot of ideas in the areas […]


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