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Best Bites Preview: Sbarro

Walker Evans Walker Evans Best Bites Preview: Sbarro

UPDATE: As of Noon on 3/21, Best Bites: Pizza is officially sold out! On March 24th, Columbus Underground will be hosting Best Bites: Pizza — a celebration of the city’s best pizza shops, pizza food trucks, restaurants and more. A limited number of tickets are still available, so be sure to purchase yours online before they’re sold […]

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Rebranded Sbarro Opens Stores in Dublin and Worthington

Rebecca Wagner Rebecca Wagner Rebranded Sbarro Opens Stores in Dublin and Worthington

Sbarro, the restaurant known for their pizza by the slice, has opened two new Columbus locations. The company, which rebranded after moving their headquarters to Columbus from Melville, NY in 2014, now offers sit-down service alongside a new menu. The brand expansion will be implemented nationally and internationally. The Dublin location, located on 6485 Perimeter […]


Restaurant Round Up: Wine Dinners & February Summary

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Restaurant Round Up: Wine Dinners & February Summary

Wine Dinners Milestone 229 On Monday, March 3rd, Milestone 229, located at 229 Civic Center Drive, will host Flavors of the Northwest, a five-course dinner featuring wines from the states of Oregon and Washington. Diners will enjoy Spring Pea Cappuccino with Crab Beignet as a starter, and A Good Mushroom Trip, a dish of mushrooms 3 […]

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Restaurant Review: Pizza Cucinova

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Restaurant Review: Pizza Cucinova

Pizza Cucinova looks exactly nothing like a Sbarro. The expectation of resemblance seems rational: Pizza Cucinova is an offspring of the mall eatery… and why mess with success? Sbarro was and is an institution of fabulous high school calzone memories. While there are about a thousand Sbarro stops, there is only one Pizza Cucinova, for […]


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