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Decision to cut yard waste may add to pollution

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From The Dispatch: Yard-waste decision may add to pollution By Spencer Hunt The city’s decision to cut yard-waste pickups will put more cars and trucks on the road, boost fuel use and increase air pollution in central Ohio. At the same time, grass clippings, leaves and twigs tossed into garbage cans will shorten the life […]


Yard Waste Pickup Ends on January 31st

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Press Release: City of Columbus Yard Waste Program Ends Rumpke’s residential yard waste removal contract with the City of Columbus expires Jan. 31 without a new agreement in place. The contract called for Rumpke to provide weekly curbside yard waste collection for all Columbus residents. Yard waste typically includes branches, tree trimmings, grass clippings, leaves […]


Recycling Rant: Maximum Capacity Reached

 CMH Gourmand

This happens all of the time, but especially around the holidays. The recycling dumpsters become filled to overflow capacity and beyond. Some people drive by and think… someone should do something. That is correct. Here are some things we can all do. 1) If the dumpster is full… don’t fill it up with more stuff […]


Trucking away your trash has its price

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Dispatch wrote Trucking away your trash has its price Sunday, April 20, 2008 BY MARTIN ROZENMAN AND JIM WOODS Upper Arlington switched this month from using its own employees to pick up trash to a cheaper contract with a waste hauler. Unlike in Upper Arlington, where residents pay by the bag, people in some […]


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