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Rife’s Market

First Look: Sweet Carrot

Walker Evans Walker Evans First Look: Sweet Carrot

After months of renovations, the old Rife’s Market at 1417 West Fifth Avenue has been reborn as Sweet Carrot, a new fresh-focused restaurant from the creators of the Sweet Carrot food truck. The business is the latest venture from Angela Petro, who is also the owner of the Two Caterers catering company and the High Line […]


Sweet Carrot Restaurant and Catering Moving to Old Rife’s Market

Rebecca Wagner Rebecca Wagner Sweet Carrot Restaurant and Catering Moving to Old Rife’s Market

Columbus food truck Sweet Carrot is expanding into a brick-and-mortar location at 1417 West Fifth Avenue, the old Rife’s Market. Angela Petro, owner of Sweet Carrot, had been searching for a building for the past two years. Sweet Carrot (an anagram of Petro’s first business, Two Caterers) rolled out in 2012, setting up warm weather […]


Rife’s Market Closing their Doors

Walker Evans Walker Evans Rife’s Market Closing their Doors

After 78 years in business, Rife’s Market, located at 1417 West Fifth Avenue is closing their doors for good. The family-owned operation has anchored the corner of Fifth and Grandview Avenues for the better part of a century, and the great-granddaughter of the original owner says that its time to call it quits after much […]


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