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Columbus is #1 City For Your Nest Egg

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Forbes.com wrote Cities Where Your Nest Egg Goes Farthest Maurna Desmond, 10.20.08 A significant number of Americans will soon retire, but the economic downturn may be causing some to rethink how they’ll spend their golden years. Topping the list of second-act must haves? A place with affordable housing, low cost of living and decent job […]


Columbus is Most Affordable Place to Retire in US


Yahoo Finance wrote America’s Most Affordable Places to Retire by Maurna Desmond Thursday, September 4, 2008 A significant number of Americans will soon retire, but many won’t be looking so much for a place to settle down as to live it up. That’s what they’ll find in Columbus, Ohio. This river city tops our list […]


Short North is 22nd Best Place to Retire in the US


money.cnn.com wrote Best place to retire: Short North Pros: Super-affordable, close to the university Cons: Not much in the way of nature around Columbus, and the downtown is still pretty sleepy Real estate: One-bedroom condos can be found for $175,000 or so. Two-bedroom rentals can be found for $1,500. If you want to get back […]


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