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Columbus Brewing Company – Good Bar Food

 frozen twinkies

This is a review, it’s my opinion based on my experience and consists of what made my experiance. It’s difficult on how to approach this review. I went there on a suggestion that it was a good place to have dinner. For that, it failed miserably. But if you look at it as a bar, […]


Something coming soon to the old Brownstone?

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Several weeks ago, the Red Brick District blog mentioned the fact that the beautiful four story brick building that housed the former Brownstone on Main restaurant was up for auction. An anonymous source let me know today that the building sold to the owner of the Ohio Lofts located right across the street and he […]


Benihana coming soon to Polaris Fashion Place

 Neil Jaye

The wildly popular restaurant chain, Benihana, is slated to open their first Columbus restaurant in the Columbus area at Polaris Fashion Place. It can be argued the Benihana kicked off the Japanese restaurant craze we’re seeing now. I do not know when they are scheduled to open their doors, but the building is up and […]


Latitude 41 – Pasta Carbonara and Ohio Tomatoes

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Chef Dean James Max walks us through making his version of Pasta Carbonara with Scallops, and Fresh Ohio Tomatoes. To check out their upcoming special events, please visit Latitude41Restaurant.com.


The Short Story Delivers with New Fall Menu


The Short Story Brasserie, a restaurant in Granville, Ohio, announces its first major seasonal change to the menu. Executive Chef Chad Lavely says, “It’s a small menu that delivers big on its variety and flavor. We are excited to share such a variety of flavor experiences with our guests.” The new menu continues the restaurant’s […]


No menu, no problem for Cafe Bella

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Lantern wrote No menu, no problem for local restaurant Kimberly Snodgrass Issue date: 11/19/08 Loyal patrons, the freshest of foods and an owner with a hunger for knowledge are the key elements to Cafe Bella. Located in the University District, this quaint diner offers an alternative to the average modern restaurant. Owner Vince Withers […]


Mark Pi’s new concept at South Campus Gateway

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The following discussion is about the new restaurant ideas that Mark Pi’s is bringing to the South Campus Gateway and to Powell.


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