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Columbus Underground’s restaurant reviews are written by Miriam Bowers Abbott, our official Restaurant & Food Critic. We hope to share with you the good, bad and the honest about our local dining scene in an unbiased fashion. Review recommendations can be emailed to [email protected].

Wedgewood Pizza Comes to Columbus


For those who haven’t heard, a Wedgewood Pizza shop recently opened in Grove City. Now, I must disclose before even beginning this review that I have a certain bias. I grew up in Youngstown, Ohio, home of Wedgewood Pizza, and consider myself to be a huge fan of this hometown favorite. Wedgewood was a Friday […]


Review: T.A.T. Ristorante di Famiglia

 columbusfoodie Review: T.A.T. Ristorante di Famiglia

Have you ever gone to a restaurant, and then, for some reason, never got around to going back again for quite a while? Then, when you finally do return to that restaurant, you wonder why you hadn’t returned for so long? Last week, we returned after a ten year hiatus to T. A. T. Ristorante […]


Breakfast Review: Dan’s Drive-In

 Nick Dekker Breakfast Review: Dan’s Drive-In

Looking for a Saturday breakfast spot? From Breakfast with Nick: Dan’s has long been on my to-visit list of Columbus diners. I remember doing a double-take years ago when I drove past it on South High Street. “Wait, there’s a diner there?” I said as I blazed by. Walking into Dan’s is taking a step […]

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Review: Piada Italian Street Food

 columbusfoodie Review: Piada Italian Street Food

Depending on who you speak to, it can be argued that the name “Piada Italian Street Food” is a little misleading; after all, with such a bustling and quickly growing street food scene here in Columbus, there’s an almost unwritten expectation that our street food be, you know – actually served on the street, out […]


Restaurant Review: Vito’s at the Links

 columbusfoodie Restaurant Review: Vito’s at the Links

Let me precede my review by explaining how it came about that I ended up at a restaurant that is part of a country club out in the middle of nowhere. If you remember the Abyssinia Cafe debacle of a few months ago, you’ll recall that the solution WTTE/IncentRev came up with to solve the […]


Review: Skillet, Rustic. Urban. Food.

 columbusfoodie Review: Skillet, Rustic. Urban. Food.

Skillet, Rustic. Urban. Food. (hereafter referred to as Skillet) opened up to much fanfare late last year in the Schumacher Place location formerly occupied by Banana Bean Cafe until they moved over to much larger digs on Greenlawn Ave. While the space was definitely too small for the volume of Banana Bean Cafe, it was […]


Restaurant Silla Review by alt.eats.columbus

Walker Evans Walker Evans Restaurant Silla Review by alt.eats.columbus

Restaurant Silla March 27, 2010 Restaurant Silla (pronounced SHILL-uh) dances on the border of what might or might not fall under the umbrella of alt.eats. Going against it is its longevity (in operation for 20 years) and the scads of reviews that paper the entry and give us every reason to believe it has been […]


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