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SWACO sets recycling record in 2008

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Press Release: Residents of Columbus and Franklin County continue to recycle in record numbers at the 200 SWACO Recycling Drop-Off locations.  Collections for 2008, show 12,944 tons (or 2,588,800 pounds) delivered to the Drop-Off centers.  That is a 21% increase over the 10,755 tons collected in 2007 at the SWACO locations.  Numbers for 2009 are […]


Recycling Rant: Maximum Capacity Reached

 CMH Gourmand

This happens all of the time, but especially around the holidays. The recycling dumpsters become filled to overflow capacity and beyond. Some people drive by and think… someone should do something. That is correct. Here are some things we can all do. 1) If the dumpster is full… don’t fill it up with more stuff […]


Trash fees being considered again for Columbus

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Currently, the city of Columbus does not charge residents for trash pickup services, but the idea has once again resurfaced to help combat the city’s budget shortfall. While nothing is official yet, officials are predicting that the fee could fall somewhere in the range of $5 to $17 per month, which would help to cover […]


The Recycled Retriever Opens

Anne Evans Anne Evans

https://www.therecycledretriever.com/images/logo.png A new store for pets opened recently. For now it looks like they are only operating online. Eco-friendliness for pet lovers… People are concerned with environmental issues facing them and their pets and they believe that change is needed. Like them, we are also concerned. We believe that taking small steps and building on […]


‘Green’ programs pushing landfill into the red

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Dispatch wrote ‘Green’ programs pushing landfill into the red Wednesday, August 6, 2008 BY BARBARA CARMEN The cost of dumping trash in central Ohio will go up $2 a ton next year, while landfill officials consider new ways to pay for operations. The current system “is sort of a Catch-22,” said Bradley Frick, president […]


Downtown Recycling Pilot Program in the Works

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Capital Crossroads, The City of Columbus, SWACO, and The Ohio Department of Natural Resources are pitching together to potentially fund a new downtown business recycling program that could end up being a model for new recycling programs spread throughout other neighborhoods in the city. Nearly 40 businesses and building owners downtown are looking to participate […]


‘Green Spot’ program to spread success stories, tips


SNPOnline.com wrote ‘Green Spot’ program to spread success stories, tips By EILEEN RYAN Published: Monday, July 28, 2008 Columbus residents, businesses, and organizations who want to be spot-on when it comes to going green can do so with help from the city’s new Green Spot program. The Web-based program was scheduled to be launched today, […]


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The Columbus Coffee Festival Returns with a “Curated Take Home Box Experience”