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Rax: Road Trip and Roast Beef Review

Walker Evans Walker Evans

A year ago I somehow stumbled upon an article in the Ironton Tribune about the new owner of the Rax franchise who had impressively climbed the ladder from sandwich-maker to trademark owner. The article goes on to mention the possibility of new Rax restaurants opening throughout Ohio. I recently emailed owner Rich Donohue about the […]


Rax restaurants may be expanding again soon

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Ironton Tribune wrote The Rax trademark has been purchased by local store owner Rich Donohue By Mark Shaffer/The Ironton Tribune Thursday, February 14, 2008 If you want to open a Rax, you’ve got to talk to Rich. In December, Rich Donohue bought the Rax trademark. Not bad for a guy who started working as a […]


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