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Columbus regularly receives recognition from a wide variety of list-making publications. We write about some of the most noteworthy lists, below.

Columbus is 9th most affordable place to live


Forbes magazine recently listed Columbus, Ohio has the country’s 9th most affordable city (another Ohio city Cincinnati was #3) to live in according to a recent study by Forbes.com that looked at metrics such as low cost of living, housing affordability, as well as positive aspects of a city such as job creation, culture and […]


Short North is 22nd Best Place to Retire in the US


money.cnn.com wrote Best place to retire: Short North Pros: Super-affordable, close to the university Cons: Not much in the way of nature around Columbus, and the downtown is still pretty sleepy Real estate: One-bedroom condos can be found for $175,000 or so. Two-bedroom rentals can be found for $1,500. If you want to get back […]


Columbus is the 3rd most stable housing market


I just read this today on Yahoo Finance. Good news for us if we can manage to dodge the credit crunch bullet. finance.yahoo.com wrote America’s Most Stable Housing Markets by Matt Woolsey Thursday, October 4, 2007 Nationwide, home prices are falling, sales are sluggish and the number of foreclosures is mounting. Ask any economist and […]


Columbus is 14th-best US city to do business in

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Marketwatch.com released a report today on the top 50 US cities to do business in, and Columbus scored fairly high at 14th place. Minneapolis-St. Paul topped the list in first place, which is the only other midwestern city to beat out Columbus. Cleveland came in at 22nd, Chicago at 23rd, Indianapolis at 28th, Cincinnati at […]


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