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Quinn Allen

Iconic Campus Bar Changing Ownership

Susan Post Susan Post Iconic Campus Bar Changing Ownership

Future generations of Ohio State students will be able to keep making the same joke – telling parents they were at “The Library” – although this library doesn’t have books, but beers. Quinn Allen, owner of Zeno’s and Dick’s Dive in Harrison West, will take the reigns of The Library Bar come January 5, 2020. […]

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First Look: Dick’s Dive

Susan Post Susan Post First Look: Dick’s Dive

Don’t expect smoked cocktails or the latest craft beer at Dick’s Dive. Instead there’s “beers your dad would drink,” mismatched chairs, zero clocks and zero windows. It’s the kind of place where you could easily loose track of time, just as Owner Quinn Allen intended. The bar is a tribute to Allen’s late father. The […]

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