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Columbus Population Growth Leads Ohio in 2013

Walker Evans Walker Evans Columbus Population Growth Leads Ohio in 2013

The US Census Bureau recently released their annual population estimates, and as always, AllColumbusData.com provides a great breakdown of what these statistics mean for Columbus and for the State of Ohio. Essentially, Columbus continues to be the fastest growing region in the state, which is attributable to both domestic and international migration as well as a […]

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How Suburban is Columbus, Actually?

Walker Evans Walker Evans How Suburban is Columbus, Actually?

Rail transit discussion is back in full force following last Thursday’s announcement about the study of a Downtown-Airport passenger rail line. One of the most common oppositional opinions is that Columbus is too suburban to support proper mass transit. But is it really more suburban than other US cities of similar size? Data analysis site […]


Infographic: Columbus is the Gayest Big City in Ohio

Walker Evans Walker Evans Infographic: Columbus is the Gayest Big City in Ohio

This will probably come as little surprise to most Central Ohioans, but Columbus has been noted by Community Research Partners as the gayest big city in Ohio based on number of same-sex couples per households in the latest available US census data. The gayest smaller-size city (pop: 5,000-50,000)  is Mayfield Heights (a Cleveland suburb) and […]


Franklin County was the Fastest Growing County in Ohio in 2012

 Stefanie Parks Franklin County was the Fastest Growing County in Ohio in 2012

This article is brought to you by the Schottenstein Real Estate Group. According to new census estimate data that was recently released, Franklin County led the state of Ohio in population growth in 2012. Additionally, the growth of Franklin County surpassed that of Delaware County, which was previously leading the state. We were curious whether […]


MORPC Drafts Long-Term Metropolitan Transportation Plan

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) has completed a draft of their 2012-2035 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), which will be available for public review and comment through April 13th. A public open house meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, March 20th from 4pm to 7pm at the MORPC offices at 111 Liberty Street in The Brewery District. […]


Urban Columbus sees 45% Gain in YPs

Walker Evans Walker Evans

According to an article published yesterday in USA Today, the population of young and educated people are on the rise in urban centers around the country: “Urban centers draw more young, educated adults“. According to 2010 Census data, the number of educated 20- and 30-somethings grew twice as fast in the core of most US […]


Columbus Reclaims Title of 15th Largest US City

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Two summers ago, we reported that Columbus had slipped in status from the 15th largest city in the US to the 16th largest city when 2008 population estimates projected that Austin had surpassed us. One bit of information that we forgot to mention two weeks ago when presenting some of the results of the official […]


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The Columbus Coffee Festival Returns!

The 6th Annual Columbus Coffee Festival returns on Saturday September 25th and Sunday September 26th!