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Jobu Ramen Coming to Grandview Avenue

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Jobu Ramen Coming to Grandview Avenue

Good bowls of ramen can be hard to find in this city. So when Michael Kopfman, who works for the Cameron Mitchell family of restaurants, came back from a trip to the Bay Area, he decided to bring his new-found passion for the Asian street food to Columbus. Kopfman teamed up with John Franke of […]


Food Trends: What We Want to See in 2014

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Food Trends: What We Want to See in 2014

2013 brought us some amazing additions and innovations in the food world, which expanded our culinary horizons and took us on tasty, tantalizing adventures. CLICK HERE to review a few trends that we enjoyed in 2013. Meanwhile, in the upcoming year, we will see even more creative ventures as entrepreneurs, cooks, and artisans push their […]


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