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Pizzuti Short North Hotel Plans Presented Tonight

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The redevelopment of the “UCT Block” in the Short North was originally announced back in February 2008, and after some recent updates and expansions, the proposal may be moving closer to reality tonight.


15-Story Boutique Hotel is Planned for Short North

Walker Evans Walker Evans 15-Story Boutique Hotel is Planned for Short North

Originally announced in 2008, it looks like Pizzuti’s Short North development plan for the “UCT Block” has been updated. It now calls for a hotel of up to 130 rooms in a building of up to 15 stories located on the west side of High Street along with a parking garage with office space above […]


Move to Prescott Place, Get a free Smart Car

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Last week The Pizzuti Company announced an interesting new incentive for moving into their Prescott Place development in Marble Cliff: a free Smart Car. Yep, that’s right. If you move into one of their 23 new luxury condominiums between now and June 30th, a free Smart Car will come along with it. More details about […]


Pizzuti proposes Short North hotel

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Dispatch wrote Pizzuti proposes Short North hotel Project would include garage, office building Thursday, February 14, 2008 BY MIKE PRAMIK A local developer wants to build a hotel in the Short North across from Goodale Park, a major project that also would include a cultural center, office building and parking garage. Pizzuti Cos. will […]


Proposed mixed-use re-development of “UCT Block”

 Likes Old Houses

I just found this info in the Feburary agenda of the VV Comission. Looks like Pizzuti is the applicant, which is a different company then originally announced. THE FOLLOWING APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE HEARD BEFORE 8:15PM 9. 08-2-17 632 North Park Street (UCT Building) Pizzuti (Applicant)/ Order of the United Commercial Travelers of America (Owner) […]


Pizzuti talks about the Courthouse & City Center

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Dispatch wrote Building with an eye for aesthetics Sunday, December 23, 2007 BY MIKE PRAMIK Q: Will you be incorporating residences into the Franklin County Courthouse project? Ron Pizzuti: It depends on when you’re talking about. At some point in time the block will be a mixed-use block. It will have some office, it […]


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