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Caring for Stray Cats in Urban Neighborhoods

Anne Evans Anne Evans Caring for Stray Cats in Urban Neighborhoods

When a stray cat starts hanging around your yard, what can you do? Some put food out and most probably do nothing. When Amber, the kitty that was hanging around Lisa Craig Morton’s backyard for awhile, showed up one night with bleeding wounds, Morton knew she had to do something. “In January of 2012 he […]


When a Pet Chooses You

Anne Evans Anne Evans When a Pet Chooses You

When Kitty Brigham’s boyfriend was on a business trip to New York, he happened upon a box of free puppies. “Dave was not of a mind to own a puppy – his job has him on the road a lot – but since he was not looking forward to getting back on the road, he […]

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The Unconditional Love a Pet Offers

Anne Evans Anne Evans The Unconditional Love a Pet Offers

When you have had your pet for a long time, it can a little nerve-inducing to see how someone you are dating reacts to your pet. Nicole Pongonis has had Javier, an all white, apple-head chihuahua since he was six weeks old and wasn’t sure how her now-husband Jeff would take to him. “I wasn’t […]

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Birds Make Cheery Companions

Anne Evans Anne Evans Birds Make Cheery Companions

Birds chirping is one of those sounds that makes you feel good, and feel like spring is near. When Beth Berkemer was looking for animal companions, birds fit the bill. “I missed having a dog,” says Berkemer, “but, I didn’t want to worry about having to go home and let them out every day. As […]


Shop Talk: Posh Pets

Walker Evans Walker Evans Shop Talk: Posh Pets

When you want to pamper yourself, you likely dine in a independent restaurant or shop at a unique local boutique rather than at a boring everyday chain. So if you want to pamper your pet, you should probably skip the big box stores and head straight to a shop like Posh Pets in the Short […]

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When a Pet Changes Your Life

Anne Evans Anne Evans When a Pet Changes Your Life

Steve D’Aoust was having a rough year. It was five years ago and he was going through a very emotional breakup. While that was happening, his favorite dog, Teddy, passed away. “I was down for the count for days,” remembers D’Aoust. With his former significant other moving out, D’Aoust mourned the loss of his beloved […]

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