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Oscar nominations

Oscar Noms and Surprises

Hope Madden Hope Madden Oscar Noms and Surprises

by Hope Madden and George Wolf Any year as strong as 2019 is going to see its share of snubs in the Oscar race because there are just too damn many worthy films and performances. It’s a blessing, really. But we will complain anyway. First, though, we’ll celebrate Scarlet Johansson for finally getting a nomination, […]

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Oscar Nominations and Grumblings

Hope Madden Hope Madden Oscar Nominations and Grumblings

Just eight Best Picture nominations this year and a list of contenders that clarifies what a kick-ass year 2018 was for female roles. Well done, chicas! Do we have gripes? Well, honestly, not too many. Here’s the rundown. Supporting Actress This is a good list. Strong. Not a lot of bones to pick here. Our heart […]

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2018 Oscar Nominations, Celebrations & Snubs

Hope Madden Hope Madden 2018 Oscar Nominations, Celebrations & Snubs

2017 was a year marked by independents: original screenplays, original ideas, low-budgets, big returns. How beautiful is that? Bearing his most intimate vision yet, Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water swept up 13 Oscar nominations, impressing voters in nearly every category, from technical achievement through acting and directing. And Get Out represents the first […]

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Oscar Picks 2017: What Will Win, and What Should Win

Hope Madden Hope Madden Oscar Picks 2017: What Will Win, and What Should Win

Oscar cometh, and with him the possibility of drawing attention to some of the best films a lot of people didn’t see last year. By all means, check out Hell or High Water and Moonlight. Watch Natalie Portman’s brilliant turn in Jackie, or Viola Davis’s blistering performance in Fences. And for the love of God, […]

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Oscar Nominations and Snubs

Hope Madden Hope Madden Oscar Nominations and Snubs

2016 was a fairly weak, fairly bland year at the movies, but it still has surprises in store for us. Look at this… Suicide Squad is nominated for an Oscar! Okay, it’s for makeup and hairstyling — who knew that rolling around Hot Topic could translate to an Oscar nomination? The official Academy Award nominations had […]


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