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Eating On The Fly – A Restaurant Review

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Dragonfly has been my favorite restaurant for years. Giddy, happy feelings envelop me every time I enter that space. It must be a combination of the hypnotic atmosphere and the splendiferous organic vegan food. My boyfriend and I recently tried On The Fly, Dragonfly’s six-month-old casual “Counter + Carryout” eatery located next to the restaurant. […]


5 Reasons You Should Drink Wine From a Box

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1. Because it preserves the wine – Secured in a vacuum sealed bag the system preserves the wine an average of 4-6 weeks eliminating the need to consume the wine upon opening. 2. Because it’s cost effective – At $18-$24 a box for 3 LITERS in the current economic climate, box wine is an ideal […]


Dragonfly opens vegetarian carryout ON THE FLY


Dragonfly neo-v cuisine, well known for putting Columbus on the map for fine vegetarian and vegan dining is opening a petite street food based counter next door to the restaurant ON THE FLY. The menu will feature global street food fare like empanadas, falafel, griddle cakes, philly ‘cheese’ steaks, noodle salads, seseame rolls, and rowdy […]


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