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Strickland’s 2009 State of the State Address at Noon

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Today, Governor Ted Strickland is scheduled to deliver his third State of the State Address to the 128th Ohio General Assembly. I’m expecting to see much discussion on education reform and Ohio’s economy. Ohio is facing a seven billion dollar budget deficit and is required by it’s constitution to have a balanced budget. What that […]


Strickland taps Ronald Richard as Infrastructure Czar

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland created a new ‘infrastructure czar’ position yesterday and tapped Cleveland Foundation CEO Ronald B. Richard for the role. The purpose of the position is to help decide how Ohio will spend the money it receives from the federal stimulus package that is expected to be passed soon. Richard will go unpaid […]

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Last Call – Salvia will be Banned in Ohio in 90 Days

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From The Lantern: Controversial Salvia banned in Ohio By Everdeen Mason In 90 days, the controversial psychoactive plant Salvia will be banned across Ohio and will no longer be available in smoke shops in the university area. The bill, signed by Gov. Ted Strickland on Friday, was sponsored by former state representative Thom Collier after […]


Strickland Wants to Tolerate Gambling in Ohio

Walker Evans Walker Evans

After taking quite a few anti-gambling stances on past issues, Ohio Governor Ted Strickland has recently announced that maybe some sort of new gambling proposal could actually help out the budget deficit in Ohio. Combined with the recent news that certain casino lobbying groups are already making plans to have a proposal on the 2009 […]


Kevin Boyce to be Ohio’s next state treasurer

lazyfish lazyfish

The Dispatch wrote Boyce to be next state treasurer Tuesday, December 23, 2008 Gov. Ted Strickland has chosen Columbus City Council member Kevin Boyce to be Ohio’s next treasurer. A source with knowledge of the appointment confirmed the selection to the Associated Press today. The source requested anonymity because the governor had not yet made […]


Strickland is testing the reach of executive power

Walker Evans Walker Evans

CoshoctonTribune.com wrote Gov. Strickland is testing the reach of executive power BY STEPHEN MAJORS – ASSOCIATED PRESS WRITER – SEPTEMBER 23, 2008 Gov. Ted Strickland has proved himself adept at wielding executive power to achieve Democratic goals, despite the obstacle of a Republican-controlled Legislature. But his recent decision on when union-scale prevailing wage should be […]


Strickland won’t support sick days mandate

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The Dispatch wrote Strickland won’t support sick days mandate Posted by Jim Siegel August 21, 2008 Gov. Ted Strickland and Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher said they will not back the sick days mandate that has been pushed to the November ballot by one of their major union supporters, the SEIU. �We cannot support the paid […]


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