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 Jim Lauwers

Ohayocon is an unsettling and tumultuous event. A jar of Goober PB&J, with desperate loneliness replacing the peanut butter, and a cloying, trusting love replacing the Jelly. Ohayocon is the biggest meeting of Anime fans in Ohio. Ohayocon is a planet orbiting a star, with a large asteroid belt orbiting it. None of which, by […]


Ohayocon Review: Preview from Thursday Night

 Submitted News

Lines flooded the Greater Columbus Convention Center last night as anxious anime lovers lined up to get a head start at registering for Ohayocon 2009. This 3 day festival attracts anime junkies from all over the country to get a chance at full emergence into the anime world, their greatest passion, and for some, a […]

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JimL2 Twittering from Ohayocon All Weekend

Walker Evans Walker Evans

JimL2. Twittering. Ohayocon. If those three words seem like they don’t belong in the same sentence, it’s because they don’t. In a desperate attempt to win the hearts of Columbus Underground readers and secure first place as “Best CU Contributor of 2009”, JimL2 is heading out tonight to pick up his press pass and ready […]


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