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Best Everyday Restaurant of 2012: Northstar Cafe

Walker Evans Walker Evans Best Everyday Restaurant of 2012: Northstar Cafe

An “everyday restaurant” is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an establishment where you could potentially go every day of the week and not get bored. The menu has to be delicious, the prices reasonable and the consistency a quality that brings you back often. For the second year in a row, the Northstar Cafe […]

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Best Everyday Restaurant of 2011: Northstar Cafe

Walker Evans Walker Evans Best Everyday Restaurant of 2011: Northstar Cafe

For the past three years, we’ve kept our “Best Restaurant” category very simple, without dividing it into 100 different cuisine sub-genres. While that keeps our survey a manageable size, it has left a lot of room to be desired for properly recognizing all of the great places that Columbus has to offer. So this year, we’ve split the category in two […]


Openings, Closings and Remodeling at Easton

Walker Evans Walker Evans Openings, Closings and Remodeling at Easton

The Dispatch has an article running today that discusses Easton’s plans to shuffle a few stores around and breathe some new life into the 10-year-old lifestyle shopping center. The new stores coming soon to Easton include an H&M, North Face, Northstar Cafe, Oakley, Shoe Woo, Clarks, Journeys, Sketchers, and Yagoot. Several stores are remodeling, including […]


Best Brunch of 2009: Northstar Cafe

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Brunch is a pretty big deal in Columbus, and there’s plenty of great options throughout the city. One restaurant really stood out above the rest in our annual reader’s poll, and that one was The Northstar Cafe. Their original location opened in the Short North just a few years ago, but has quickly won the […]


Northstar Café is Coming Soon to Easton

Walker Evans Walker Evans

I’m not sure if anyone who doesn’t work at Easton had heard the whispers about a Northstar Café opening in the former Smith & Hawken location, but a sign on the window there confirms it. I haven’t heard anything about the timeframe, but this is exciting news for anyone who finds themselves at Easton for […]


Behind The Scenes at Third and Hollywood

Walker Evans Walker Evans

What started a year ago with rumors of a new Northstar location in Grandview has recently come full circle to reveal that Northstar-owners Kevin and Katy Malhame were opening a new venture called Third and Hollywood. After a quiet soft opening, they were met with a pretty critical eye both from food reviewers who had […]


The Other Paper’s Northstar Cafe Article


Check out this article on The Other Paper’s website and the comments from current and former employees. I can’t say that I’m horribly surprised, but I really don’t buy the comment from the owner (in the comments section) that they never advertised as being green/organic and that they can’t be held responsible for the fact […]


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