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Comedy Preview: Travis Irvine & Dustin Meadows

Grant Walters Grant Walters Comedy Preview: Travis Irvine & Dustin Meadows

Two of Columbus' best-known stand-up comedians are joining forces this week to record new comedy albums during back-to-back shows at MadLab Theatre

Columbus’ comedy community is growing steadily, and the traction it’s gained since I moved here almost four years ago is quite remarkable. On almost any night of the week now, you can find a stand-up, sketch, or improv show worthy of a big-city following. Comedians Travis Irvine and Dustin Meadows remember when local laughs were […]

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Interview: Erik Tait

Grant Walters Grant Walters Interview: Erik Tait

The local stand-up comedian and magician will fuse the genres in his newest show, "Please Shuffle The Cards" at ShadowboxLive's Backstage Bistro on Tuesday night

In a time when it seems nearly impossible not to get baited, switched, defrauded, scammed, misled, or faked out,  it’s nice to know people like Erik Tait are working diligently to delude us with at least a certain level of enchantment. In fact, he’s hoping you’ll buy a ticket to watch him commit out-and-out subterfuge […]

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