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Breakfast Review: Tommy’s Diner

BreakfastwithNick BreakfastwithNick Breakfast Review: Tommy’s Diner

I have the feeling, as I’m stepping into Tommy’s for the first time, that I’m entering a bit of history that’s not really my own. Admittedly, I don’t venture into Columbus’ Franklinton neighborhood often enough, so I can’t claim it as my neighborhood, and thus I can’t claim a Franklinton institution like Tommy’s. At the […]


Breakfast Review: Taste of Belgium

BreakfastwithNick BreakfastwithNick

“Oh, here we go a-waffling…” As usual, I’m just now getting around to visiting Taste of Belgium, despite it opening months ago in North Market. Taste of Belgium was a great addition to North Market’s already-diverse crowd of food stalls. I was excited to hear of it’s arrival, and shame on me that it’s taken […]


Close to Columbus: LJ’s Coffee Shop in Logan

Nick Dekker Nick Dekker

From Breakfast With Nick: The arts company of which I am a co-founder, Wild Goose Creative, went on our annual retreat to Hocking Hills in southwest Ohio in late March. We use the weekend as a time to get out of town, relax, and do some focused planning for the coming year. My job, of […]


Tee Jaye’s Country Place – Breakfast Review

Walker Evans Walker Evans

From Breakfast with Nick: Tee Jaye’s Country Place Having lived in Columbus for nearly seven years, I’ve heard about Tee Jaye’s time and again. All the commercials bill Tee Jaye’s as a great family restaurant, with something to please everyone. Over the years, I never really had cause to go, and only in the past […]


Next Pecha Kucha Takes Place on May 21st

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Press Release: Pecha Kucha Encourages You To Listen, Be Inspired, And Share Ideas With Others Columbus Pecha Kucha Night will hold its ninth event on May 21 from 7:00 to 9:30 p.m. at Landmark’s Gateway Theater. Presenters for the event include political consultant Wendy Ake; musician Beth Curry; Wild Goose Creative representative Nicholas Dekker; illustrator […]


This Week In Local Food Blogging (3/28/09)

Walker Evans Walker Evans

This week, both HungryWoolf and ColumbusFoodie were busy hitting the Hills Market for items such as fresh morels and Blue Jacket Dairy cheeses. The Columbus Foodcasters have a new episode about the new Encore offshoot from Handke’s and the always popular topic of home brewing. Lisa the Waitress has just posted up a great guide […]


This Week In Local Food Blogging (3/8/09)

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Lots of activity amongst our finest local food bloggers this past week. Nick (of Breakfast with Nick) hit up the Banana Bean Cafe and gave it an extensive review. There’s a variety of news updates over at Columbus Foodie as well as an impressive lineup of plans for Restaurant Week. Hungrywoolf has written up a […]

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