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Meet Some New Faces at Columbus Underground

Walker Evans Walker Evans Meet Some New Faces at Columbus Underground

Last week, Columbus Underground relocated into a new, larger office space on Gay Street in Downtown Columbus. And with a larger office space comes the ability to add new staff! You may have already spotted a few new names floating around this past week, but we wanted to take the time today to share some […]

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Columbus Underground Relocates Downtown Offices

 News Columbus Underground Relocates Downtown Offices

ColumbusUnderground.com continues to expand in 2013 with the relocation to a new office space at 14 E. Gay St. in Downtown Columbus. The company was previously located just down the street at 65 E. Gay St. “We’re committed to growing our business in Downtown Columbus, and very specifically wanted to stay on Gay Street,” says […]


2012 Year in Review: Month by Month

Walker Evans Walker Evans 2012 Year in Review: Month by Month

The final day of the year is always a great time to reflect upon the happenings of the entire calendar year. And what a year it was! 2012 was an incredibly busy time in Columbus with a wide variety of announcements, grand openings, lively festivals, and other fun ways to fill your spare time week […]

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2011 Year in Review: Month by Month

Walker Evans Walker Evans 2011 Year in Review: Month by Month

The end of the year always serves as a great time for reflection, and as we look back on 2011 we’ve come to realize that it was a much bigger year in retrospect than any given day or week would have individually led us to believe. This year saw many important people coming and going, […]


Channels 4 and 6/28 To Pool News Coverage


TVNewsDay is reporting that WCMH and WSYX/WTTE will pool cameramen and share news footage: According to WCMH, “Content sharing between stations has been done for years through pool type situations and now the NBC, ABC and Fox affiliates in Columbus will work together to share resources. Instead of sending two crews to shoot the same […]


The Slammer will be coming soon to Columbus

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Slammer is a weekly North Carolina based newspaper that covers local criminal news. After expanding operations to include Charlotte, Raleigh, and Durham, they’re ready to make their next jump all the way over here to Columbus. As a recent article in the CS Monitor puts it: “If Jerry Springer came in newsprint, The Slammer […]


NBC4 Reporter successfully rides the bus one time

Walker Evans Walker Evans

NBC4i.com wrote Will She Be On Time? Hunt Tests COTA, Google Wednesday, Jul 09, 2008 By Donna Willis COTA began a partnership with Google Maps to help commuters get to work more easily by bus. The interactive gives you pickup and arrival times to help you better time your trip. NBC 4’s Mikaela Hunt entered […]


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