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Big Weekend for Movies

Hope Madden Hope Madden Big Weekend for Movies

Theme park rides, Arthurian legends, and a ripped-from-the-headlines kind of thriller—that doesn’t sound like that interesting a weekend in movies. But it is. And if these major releases don’t draw your fancy, there’s a host of worthwhile indies in theaters and on the small screen we’d like to point you toward.  The Green Knight In […]

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Marvel, Docs, Mock Docs & More in Theaters

Hope Madden Hope Madden Marvel, Docs, Mock Docs & More in Theaters

Sure, maybe we’ve all glutted ourselves on whatever series the MCU has shoveled our way over the last year and a half, but its first proper cinematic experience hits screens this weekend. Worth the wait? Yes! Here you will find our spoiler-free review of Black Widow, as well as thoughts on hits and misses across […]

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Choice Picks in Theaters

George Wolf George Wolf Choice Picks in Theaters

As long as you know where to look, you can find some outstanding entertainment options this weekend. Fresh indies and remarkable documentaries are the real gems this weekend, but a couple of old war horses will entertain their won specific crowds. Here’s the skinny: Zola In theaters by George Wolf Is it surprising that movies […]

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Enormous Men, Fast Cars, Werewolf Whodunnits & More at the Movies

Hope Madden Hope Madden Enormous Men, Fast Cars, Werewolf Whodunnits & More at the Movies

What to watch? The ninth installment of a franchise? (You know what they say about sequels, ninth time’s the charm, right?) The rare success in video game-to-film adaptation? Vampires? Werewolves? Mafiosos? So many options! Let’s sort this out. F9: The Fast Saga In theaters by George Wolf So if this is the ninth installment, that […]

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Hitmen’s Wives, Sea Monsters and Legends at the Movies

George Wolf George Wolf Hitmen’s Wives, Sea Monsters and Legends at the Movies

Who’s in the mood for a good documentary? Because that’s your best bet this week at the movies, whether you want to couch potato along with a Beach Boys soundtrack or hit Drexel or Gateway Film Center to celebrate the EGOT goddess Rita Moreno. Looking for fiction instead? Well, none of this week’s narrative options […]

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Scares Aplenty at the Movies

George Wolf George Wolf Scares Aplenty at the Movies

Spooky stuff this week! Remember when we used to pretend Satanists were scary? There’s a movie this week that does, as well as one about sea creature fables and another super creepy horror about terrible decisions. Plus, a frighteningly relevant indie about teenage rage, and Mel Gibson’s sixth son makes a movie. It isn’t very […]

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Summer Movie Season Begins

Hope Madden Hope Madden Summer Movie Season Begins

You may have heard that the Gateway Film Center and Drexel Theatre join Studio 35, Grandview Theatre and many other hometown silver screens in opening their doors this weekend for moviegoers. It’s exciting! And there are actually movies you have heard of to see there! Let us run you through your options—for cinemas, or for […]

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The Columbus Coffee Festival Returns!

The 6th Annual Columbus Coffee Festival returns on Saturday September 25th and Sunday September 26th!