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Solid Selection of Weekend Flicks

Hope Madden Hope Madden Solid Selection of Weekend Flicks

This may be a record week for positive movie reviews. Really good stuff available in theaters, through virtual cinemas, and via your tried and true VOD options. Shall we dig in? The Trial of the Chicago 7 Playing at Gateway Film Center and on Netflix. by Hope Madden Oscar winning, much beloved and frequently frustrating […]

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Lots of Screams, Couple of Smiles at the Movies

George Wolf George Wolf Lots of Screams, Couple of Smiles at the Movies

One great American filmmaker returns to the screen with an absolute dream of a cast for a funny, funny movie well worth your time. Other than that, we hope you like scares because we have a mess of them, and some of them are really good. Not all of them, though. On the Rocks Screening […]

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Spooky Movies and More

Hope Madden Hope Madden Spooky Movies and More

Spooky season has arrived! There are scary movies aplenty this weekend, at the drive-in, in theaters, and online. Not into thrills and chills? Fine biopics and indie dramas are calling for you. Here’s the low down on what you may want to catch this weekend. Possessor Playing at Gateway Film Center, South Drive In. by […]

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Fact and Fiction Flicks for the Weekend

George Wolf George Wolf Fact and Fiction Flicks for the Weekend

Low-rent heists, horror, dystopia in fiction and—sadly—nonfiction all this week in film. This week sees the welcome return of a great filmmaker, a couple of calls to action, and an an indie horror worth your spooky season viewing. Kajillionaire Screening theatrically at Gateway Film Center and available on VOD. by Hope Madden Can a film […]

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Good Flicks at Home, in Theaters and Drive-Ins

George Wolf George Wolf Good Flicks at Home, in Theaters and Drive-Ins

Aside from a couple of stinkers, this weekend offers a bunch of solid viewing options at home, on the big screen and at the drive-in. It’s a particularly good week for people looking to start spooky season a little early, but thrillers, family dramas and much-needed upbeat fare also awaits. Antebellum Available via VOD. by […]

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Bunches of Fine Movie Options

Hope Madden Hope Madden Bunches of Fine Movie Options

Theaters and streaming services are still vying for our attention. Don’t you just feel drunk on power right now? A couple of excellent Ohio-grown options this week, several films to leave you sleepless, and generally just a pretty solid week all around. The Devil All the Time Playing theatrically at Gateway Film Center. Streaming on […]

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Safe Movie Bets

George Wolf George Wolf Safe Movie Bets

Why continue to review VOD and streaming releases when theaters are open? Well, because Hollywood is giving Tenet time to prove this enormous experiment: Is a theatrical release viable? Can theaters handle it? Will people turn out? While they wait, they’re releasing little else to theaters. If you want something new, you’ll need to look […]

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