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SciFi, Monsters & Shorts Aplenty

Hope Madden Hope Madden SciFi, Monsters & Shorts Aplenty

Theaters are open, the sun is out, our couches are comfortable—I mean, how’s a person supposed to decide whether or not or where to watch a movie? That part’s up to you, but we can help you pick the best options for viewing.  Voyagers In theaters by Hope Madden If you have ever wondered what […]

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Giants, Underdogs & A Lot of Good Movies

George Wolf George Wolf Giants, Underdogs & A Lot of Good Movies

How was the kaiju grudge match? And is there anything else at all to watch this weekend? It was very fun and yes, there are tons of surprisingly quality flicks streaming and in theaters this weekend. There are also two really bad ones. Let us steer you in the right direction. Godzilla vs. Kong In […]

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Bob F. Odenkirk and More in Movies This Week

Hope Madden Hope Madden Bob F. Odenkirk and More in Movies This Week

Sandwiched between Snyder’s Cut and King Kong’s battle with Godzilla, this week comes at us with an unusual mix of options. Some are really good. One is extremely bad. Most are fun. Here’s the low down. Nobody In theaters by Hope Madden On the surface, this film feels really familiar. Nobody was written by Derek […]

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Big, Big Movies This Week

George Wolf George Wolf Big, Big Movies This Week

Chalk one up to fan service this week, but if four hours of improved storytelling and mustache removal is not up your alley, fear not. There’s a lot opening on big screens and small that’s worth a look. Here’s the skinny. Zack Snyder’s Justice League On HBO Max by George Wolf No matter what you […]

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Digging Deep to Find Movie Gems

George Wolf George Wolf Digging Deep to Find Movie Gems

Wow, remember how many big movies came out last week?! So many, you’d have thought it was 2019 or something. Well, 2021 returns this week with absolutely tons of stuff you have never heard of. A lot of it’s weak, but there are some gems available. Let us walk you through it. Antigone Streaming by […]

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Mostly Solid Movie Options

George Wolf George Wolf Mostly Solid Movie Options

Olivia Colman and Anthony Hopkins offer a master class in acting in this week’s highlight, but there’s really only one disappointment all week!  The Father In theaters by George Wolf How much you’re moved by The Father will likely depend on how you see the central narrative device employed by director/co-writer Florian Zeller. Is it a gimmick […]

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Awards Contenders Among This Week’s Movies

Hope Madden Hope Madden Awards Contenders Among This Week’s Movies

The rightly ballyhooed Nomadland finally makes its way to Columbus screens, big and small. There is a good variety of other options as well, most of them decent, a couple of them quite good. Here’s the low down. Nomadland by Hope Madden Nobody sees American poverty as honestly or as poetically as filmmaker Chloé Zhao. Those […]

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