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Film Review: Bully

 Nicholas Herum Film Review: Bully

Over the past few weeks Bully hysteria has taken hold across America. Sadly the hysteria has less to do with the film’s goal of ending bullying and more to do with the amount of swearing and the rating that follows. In an ironic twist of fate The Weinstein Company who is releasing Bully and the […]

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Film Review: Wrath of the Titans

 Nicholas Herum Film Review: Wrath of the Titans

2010’s Clash of the Titans isn’t the first film you’d expect to see a sequel to.  Its critical reception was very mixed and it became the poster child for lackluster 3D conversions.  Not only did it add fuel to fire for critics of 3D but also audiences that didn’t feel they got their money’s worth.  […]

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Film Review: 21 Jump Street

 Nicholas Herum Film Review: 21 Jump Street

A movie based on the late 80’s 21 Jump Street TV series at first glance seemed like a disaster in the making. Hollywood’s track record for turning successful TV series into successful films is less than stellar and usually pleases neither audiences nor critics. Somehow against all logic, common sense, and prejudiced misconceptions 21 Jump […]

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Film Review: Safe House

 Nicholas Herum Film Review: Safe House

Last year I was rough on Ryan Reynolds, his performances in The Green Lantern and The Change-Up were both terrible and I questioned why he was still considered a box office draw. After The Green Lantern I also questioned his abilities as a dramatic actor and whether he could lead a film that didn’t require […]

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Film Review: The Woman in Black

 Nicholas Herum Film Review: The Woman in Black

After spending the better part of a decade playing “the boy who lived” Daniel Radcliffe is finally done playing Harry Potter. I’ve wondered for a long time what kind of career Radcliffe will have after Potter; he seems quite infatuated with Broadway and there’s been talk of him stepping behind the camera a-la Ron Howard. […]

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Film Review: Red Tails

 Nicholas Herum Film Review: Red Tails

As the old adage goes “Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it” and I’m a strong believer in that saying. In today’s society where the importance of teaching history seems to be at an all time low I think it’s even more important that films pick up of the slack of generating […]

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Film Review: The Other F Word

 Nicholas Herum Film Review: The Other F Word

When I was sixteen I decided to be more into movies than music. This was a conscious decision based in no small part on the fact that the DVD format had just been released and I didn’t think I could financially support both CDs for music and DVDs for films so one of them had […]

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