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Film Review: St. Vincent

Hope Madden Hope Madden Film Review: St. Vincent

My theory is this: first time feature filmmaker Theodore Melfi is a wizard. It seems improbable, sure, but I can think of no other explanation for St. Vincent. A newly single mom hires her curmudgeonly neighbor to babysit for her precocious son. As obvious as it sounds – and is – somehow Melfi creates surprises […]

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Film Review: Annabelle

Hope Madden Hope Madden Film Review: Annabelle

Who doesn’t love a creepy-ass doll? Someone must, right? Doesn’t everybody’s old auntie keep a display case of them right in the guest bedroom where you have to sleep when you visit? And you really want to close the windows because the curtains are blowing in that menacing way, but you’d have to walk right […]

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Film Review: Boyhood

Hope Madden Hope Madden Film Review: Boyhood

With an effort that proves Richard Linklater as an artist even as it feels a natural evolution of his best work, Boyhood is a movie like no other. Linklater filmed his low key opus over twelve years, pulling cast and crew back together for a few days each year to check back in on Mason (Ellar Coltrane), […]

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Filmmaker Brings Excellent Ebert Doc to the Wex

Hope Madden Hope Madden Filmmaker Brings Excellent Ebert Doc to the Wex

Whether you loved him or hated him, Roger Ebert was a massive cultural influence – particularly if you happen to be a film critic. Says John DeSando, film critic for WCBE 90.5 FM (It’s Movie Time, Cinema Classics), “When Roger Ebert was the top critic in the land, I read his reviews first after I had […]

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Film Review: Parker

 Nicholas Herum Film Review: Parker

Historically Jason Statham films have been released on a pretty stable schedule. Almost without fail his film’s are released in two periods of the year; January through April and August through October. Other than that the calendar is otherwise pretty much Statham free. That’s why when you see a Jason Statham film being released during […]


Film Review: Mama

 Marcus Erridge Film Review: Mama

Mama tells the story of two young girls who are abandoned in the woods by their deranged father, then discovered alive five years later. Mama is produced by Pan’s Labyrinth’s Guillermo del Toro and is an assured feature-length directorial debut from Andrés Muschietti. Mama enjoys a similar gothic horror verve to recent del Toro-produced pictures […]

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Film Review: Bully

 Nicholas Herum Film Review: Bully

Over the past few weeks Bully hysteria has taken hold across America. Sadly the hysteria has less to do with the film’s goal of ending bullying and more to do with the amount of swearing and the rating that follows. In an ironic twist of fate The Weinstein Company who is releasing Bully and the […]

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