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Brand New Streaming Options

George Wolf George Wolf Brand New Streaming Options

There are more ways than ever for us shut ins to enjoy brand spanking new movies, and in many cases, help out the cinemas we miss so terribly. Here is this week’s crop of brand new streaming films, most of which you can view via Gateway Film Center and Wexner Center for the Arts websites, […]

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New Movies, Direct to You

Hope Madden Hope Madden New Movies, Direct to You

What are you watching with all your new spare time? Because the cinematic landscape is shifting sand underfoot right now. Some independent films slated for release this spring have opted to skip theatrical and move directly to streaming, like one really solid biopic you can catch Friday. Other studio films—the ones with truncated theatrical releases […]

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Lots of Options for Daring Moviegoers

Hope Madden Hope Madden Lots of Options for Daring Moviegoers

Wow, what a bumper crop of movies that no one is going to see come out this week! Good there are so many, though, since basically nothing is coming out next week…the week after… But seriously, if you’d rather stay home, Little Women, Uncut Gems, Bombshell, Queen & Slim are all out on VOD now, […]

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Austen, Greed, Fire and Feral Unicorns in Theaters

George Wolf George Wolf Austen, Greed, Fire and Feral  Unicorns in Theaters

Why would Pixar put out a film in the family film off-season? Can Jane Austen still charm and entertain? Why did it take so long for the spectacular Portrait of a Lady on Fire to get to Columbus? We will answer some of those questions, but at least one is rhetorical. Onward by Hope Madden […]

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Movies Galore – Most of Them Good!

Hope Madden Hope Madden Movies Galore – Most of Them Good!

What a weird week! One big movie (and not a disappointment, either), orbited by like 50 little flicks. The thing is, they’re basically all good. Nice! The Invisible Man by Hope Madden and George Wolf Leigh Whannell likes him some mad science. Two years ago the Saw and Insidious writer found his footing as a […]

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Wintry Mix in Theaters

Hope Madden Hope Madden Wintry Mix in Theaters

There is a lot of snow onscreen this week. Whether it’s the Alaskan wilderness and some CGI hounds, the stark holiday hellscape of The Lodge, or romance at the winter Olympics, it’s chillier onscreen than off this weekend. There are a couple of reasons to brave the cold, though. Let’s discuss. The Call of the […]

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Love and Other Stories in Theaters

George Wolf George Wolf Love and Other Stories in Theaters

It’s the weekend for lovers, and for bitterness and for blue CGI (nothing says love like blue CGI). Is any of it any good? We can’t promise you’ll get lucky, but we can help you choose your movies wisely. Downhill by George Wolf If you’re a pair of American filmmakers out to remake an exceptional […]

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