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The Whittier Peninsula Impound Lot is Relocating

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The new Audubon Center hosts their Opening Gala this Friday, and now it looks as if they’ve got some additional news to celebrate. According to an article in today’s Dispatch, the Whittier Peninsula Impound Lot will be relocating to the South Side after previously being put on hiatus. The project is scheduled to be completed […]


Vote: Franklin County 2009 Primary Election

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Once again, your duties as a voter are requested tomorrow when you’ll be asked to go to the polls to vote for a variety of local issues and primary elections. The largest issue on the ballot is the Metro Parks Tax Levy, which would implement a 10-year property tax of approximately $23 per year per […]


Metro Parks will be asking for levy on May 5 ballot

lazyfish lazyfish

From The Dispatch: Metro Parks board to push 0.75-mill levy By Mark Ferenchik People love their parks. But do they appreciate them enough to dig deeper into their pockets to pay for them, even if the annual cost adds up to just a few lunches? Metro Parks is asking voters to approve a 10-year, 0.75-mill […]


Woodland Park is full of great deals on homes

 Submitted News

I was just checking the homes for sale in Woodland Park and there are some great bargains! It is a great time to buy in Woodland Park. The neighborhood continues to have low crime, quiet streets, wonderful neighbors, and good amenities. Our YMCA has fun classes and a nice, convenient work out facility, gym, pool, […]


Scioto Audubon Metro Park might expand

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The Dispatch wrote River park might expand Saturday, November 22, 2008 By Mark Ferenchik The new Scioto Audubon Metro Park on the Whittier Peninsula might attract more than birds and their binocular-toting followers. It also might draw wall climbers, ice skaters and dog owners. Metro Parks is considering expanding the 84-acre park hugging the Scioto […]


Ash borer moves into Highbanks; many trees at risk

lazyfish lazyfish

Dispatch wrote Ash borer moves into Highbanks; As many as 25,000 trees could be at risk Thursday, June 5, 2008 By Spencer Hunt The emerald ash borer has been found in Highbanks Metro Park, a discovery that puts thousands of ash trees at the mercy of the voracious pest. Franklin County Metro Parks officials said […]


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