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Mad Macs

Best Bites Breakdown: Mad Macs

Rebecca Wagner Rebecca Wagner Best Bites Breakdown: Mad Macs

“Not pretty. Always tasty.” So goes the slogan of bakery Mad Macs, whose French macarons make up in flavor for what they lack in presentation. Macarons are notoriously fickle to make, and can be a hair-pulling experience for even the most seasoned bakers. Renee Kinkopf, owner of Mad Macs, perfected her macaron technique as a […]

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Dish Deathmatch: Mac(aron) Attack!

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Dish Deathmatch: Mac(aron) Attack!

Hello Macarons. For the longest time, it was difficult to understand why people described macarons with such loving superlatives. They’re cookies, fine. But they don’t seem to require chocolate or gobs or butter or other things that make cookies worth eating. Then one day, the second most beloved contributor for Columbus Underground (2013) issued the […]


Mad Macs: Two Macarons Enter, One Macaron Leaves

Walker Evans Walker Evans Mad Macs: Two Macarons Enter, One Macaron Leaves

Now that the requisite Beyond the Thunderdome reference is out of the way, let’s get down to business. Mad Macs is the clever name of a new macaron bakery pop-up brought to you by Renee Kinkopf. Her love of these delicate french confectionaries goes beyond skin deep, as recently experienced for the first time by […]


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