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Warehouse Containing Local Beer Distributor Burns in Overnight Fire

Walker Evans Walker Evans Warehouse Containing Local Beer Distributor Burns in Overnight Fire

The Dick Cold Storage warehouse located at 3080 Valleyview Drive burned down in an overnight fire. Local Columbus fire crews battled the blaze, and while there were no injuries reported, the building and its products are being called a complete loss. The warehouse owners sublet space to local businesses including craft beer company 17th Star Distributing, […]

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Ohio’s Own: Snozzberry Kombucha

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Ohio’s Own: Snozzberry Kombucha

Being a sucker for all things Willie Wonka makes it easy to justify a seven-dollar bottle of Veruca Snozzberry. Veruca, you may recall, was a spoiled little princess who met her demise at the hands of a group of squirrels in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. As for snozzberries, they’re a fictional fruit referred to […]


Luna Kombucha Introduces New High-ABV Product Line

Rebecca Wagner Rebecca Wagner Luna Kombucha Introduces New High-ABV Product Line

Michael Iannarino, founder of Clintonville-based Luna Kombucha, is introducing a new line of high-ABV kombuchas dubbed Luna Nites. Three new flavors have been introduced: Ceres, a 5% gluten-free ginger beer that has a bright, crisp, slightly sweet taste that makes an excellent Moscow Mule; Titania, a 7.8% black raspberry IPA that boasts an intense, hoppy […]

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Luna Kombucha Adds to Locally Made Beverage Lineup

Walker Evans Walker Evans

You may have already spotted Luna Kombucha on the shelves of your local grocery store, but unless you checked the label, you might not realize that it’s produced locally. Michael Iannarino began brewing his “tea beer” concoction in Clintonville last year after refining his skills at making his own wine. “There are so many health […]


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