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Hocking Hills Urban Air Festival

Anne Evans Anne Evans Hocking Hills Urban Air Festival

The authentic hometown vibe of Logan, Ohio’s Main Street will hum with activity as 75 iconic Airstream travel trailers line six block of the historic downtown during the town’s first-ever Urban Air Affair®. Billed as Urban Air: Wake Up Downtown, dozens of the silver beauties will arrive Thursday, April 26 and depart early Sunday morning, […]

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The 3 Best Blockbuster Films of 2017

Hope Madden Hope Madden The 3 Best Blockbuster Films of 2017

Superheroes, sequels, cars, beauties, beasts, minions — so many big movies this year. It’s exhausting, but these popcorn muncher time wasters are not always a waste of time. Here are the three strongest blockbusters of 2017. Star Wars: The Last Jedi [Full review] With a deft mix of character-driven emotion, high stakes action and mischievous […]

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Moonshine, Washboards, and One Crazy Woman Built the Hocking Hills

Jesse Bethea Jesse Bethea Moonshine, Washboards, and One Crazy Woman Built the Hocking Hills

As we descend the hill, we leave the warmth of the day and enter the cool hollow. Red cliffs high dressed in ice guard our passage, like soldiers with silver epaulets. The way narrows and twists and puts us face to face with our destiny. – Message left in the guest book of the Sumac Cabin, […]

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Logan and Columbus Drag Performers – This Weekend’s Movies Have it All

Hope Madden Hope Madden Logan and Columbus Drag Performers – This Weekend’s Movies Have it All

Summer’s blockbusters come earlier and earlier! Next weekend, Kong returns, but today you can catch a different fearsome beast. The latest X-Men flick gets an R-rating and a spare, gritty feel. It’s a nice change of pace, but if you’re looking for something more glittery and closer to home (literally), you can check out a […]

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Close to Columbus: LJ’s Coffee Shop in Logan

Nick Dekker Nick Dekker

From Breakfast With Nick: The arts company of which I am a co-founder, Wild Goose Creative, went on our annual retreat to Hocking Hills in southwest Ohio in late March. We use the weekend as a time to get out of town, relax, and do some focused planning for the coming year. My job, of […]


Close to Columbus: Logan, Ohio

 Kyle Schriner

I went  to Logan, Ohio a day late and a dollar short for the Washboard Music Festival. Sunday, the day after the party had sobered. A stop into the local Judo dojo gave glimpses of the banal realities of small town Ohio. The county seat courthouse barred and streets eerily quiet. The motor lodge’s parking […]


All Washed Up in Logan, Ohio

Anne Evans Anne Evans

If you are looking for something to do this weekend, heading south to Logan, Ohio for their Washboard Music Festival could be a fun option. Billed as, “Ohio’s Most Unique Music Festival,” the festival runs from June 18-20 and celebrates the evolution of the washboard from an item of necessity into an item of decoration […]



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