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Coleman Seeks Federal Funds for Rail Development

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Columbus Mayor Michael B. Coleman attended a news conference this morning in Virgina along with several other mayors and governors to hear President-Elect Barack Obama’s proposed stimulus plan to boost the nation’s economy. Coleman has recently written a letter to Obama seeking federal funding dollars for a variety of economic development projects in Central Ohio, […]


Transportation MATTERS coalition has been formed

Walker Evans Walker Evans

(Press Release) A new broad-based, statewide transportation coalition has been formed to advocate for a strategic new approach to improving transportation in Ohio, including new and increased funding for all modes of travel, it was announced on Tuesday.


3C passenger rail service plan gets boost

Stu Nicholson Stu Nicholson

Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote Cleveland-Cincinnati passenger rail service plan gets boost from Congress December 04, 2008 Karen Farkas Passenger rail service from Cleveland to Cincinnati could be a reality by 2010 if the state gets $100 million in proposed infrastructure stimulus money. The Ohio Rail Development Commission also intends to apply next year for federal […]


Passenger Rail is on the right track for comeback

Stu Nicholson Stu Nicholson

The Alive wrote On the right track Thursday, November 13, 2008 By John Ross Today, of the 20 largest cities in the United States, Columbus is one of two without passenger rail service. Even Cleveland and Cincinnati have sustained train stations, while Central Ohio has maintained only tracks, overpasses and the lonely whistles of passing […]


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