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Seasonal and Daily Crime Patterns in Columbus


The sixth edition (PDF) of Community Research Partners’ Data Bytes analyzes 2009 crime data from the Columbus Division of Police by date, day of the year, and month. FBI analysis of national crime data shows that both violent and property crime in the U.S. peak in July and August. In Columbus, however, crimes in 2009 […]


200 Years of the Census in Ohio


Community Research Partners released its fifth edition of Data Bytes (PDF), “Celebrating 200 Years of the Census in Ohio”. This Data Byte analyzes data for Ohio from the 1810, 1860, 1910, 1960, and 2000 censuses and the 2008 American Community Survey. In 1810, Ohio had 230,760 people, with 55% under age 16 and over 99% […]


Sheriff’s Sales: 1 in 3 Franklin County Home Sales


Community Research Partners’ third Data Byte is out! This Data Byte looks at sheriff’s sales in Franklin County and its school districts. A sheriff’s sale is the process by which the county sheriff appraises a property’s value and sells it at a foreclosure sale or auction. In 2008, sheriff’s sales represented one in three (32%) […]


Somali Population in Franklin Co. Estimated at 15k


The second edition of Community Research Partners’ Data Bytes estimates the number of Somalis in Franklin County. CRP Data Bytes provide a snapshot of a topic of importance to our region and state today. Data Byte topics cover a wide range of social, economic, and community issues. CRP’s first Data Byte, on the topic of […]


Downtowners: Who They Are and How They Live


We just released the first edition of CRP (Community Research Partners) Data Bytes. Once every two months, we will take a snapshot of a topic pertinent to what is going on in our region and state. Data Byte topics will cover a wide range of social, economic, and community issues. For this inaugural edition of […]


Researching our region’s creative economy


I wanted to let everyone know about Creative Columbus, a research project on Central Ohio’s creative economy. Due out in early 2009, the study will provide an in-depth picture of how the arts, architecture, marketing, graphic design, music, fashion and other creative fields are represented and interrelated in the regional economy. For more information, we […]


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