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Italian Village

Annexed to the city in 1862, Italian Village was one of Columbus’s first suburbs. It is bounded by I-670 on the south, Fifth Avenue on the north, North High Street on the west, and the Conrail railroad tracks to the east. A mix of Italian and Irish immigrants resided in the area in the 1890s, and Italianate style architecture is prevalent.

Best Urban Development of 2010 – Wonderland

Walker Evans Walker Evans Best Urban Development of 2010 – Wonderland

Keeping with the tradition of the past two years, our “Best of 2010” voters chose to honor the potential of development projects just begun rather than the completion of projects that have come to a close. In 2008, it was the Gay Street redevelopment that is still blooming today. In 2009, it was the demolition […]

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GCAC Presents: Wonderland Rising

Melissa Starker Melissa Starker GCAC Presents: Wonderland Rising

As yet, Wonderland doesn’t exist in a physical sense, but the idea of it already has a phenomenal life of its own. Since the project’s founders first stood before a tightly packed crowd at Junctionview Studios in January and unveiled the idea of multiple creative endeavors in a single space, Wonderland has amassed remarkable public and […]

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Wonderland Launches Initial Fundraising Efforts

Walker Evans Walker Evans Wonderland Launches Initial Fundraising Efforts

Press Release: In October, the Wonderland Columbus team introduces several ways for the public to support its efforts to create a multi-use creative space in the former Wonder Bread factory at 697 N. 4th Street. On September 30, Wonderland officially became eligible for a Pepsi Refresh Grant. The monthly granting program provides funds of up […]


Wonderland Gets Exec. Director: Adam Brouillette

Walker Evans Walker Evans Wonderland Gets Exec. Director: Adam Brouillette

Press Release: Adam Brouillette, local artist, community organizer and one of the founders of Wonderland Columbus, has been chosen by Wonderlandʼs board of directors to lead the project in the role of Executive Director. The offer was made to Brouillette following a unanimous vote of confidence from the board. His agreement to accept the position […]


Cbus Italian Club Attempts World’s Largest Meatball

 Alexandra Kelley Fox Cbus Italian Club Attempts World’s Largest Meatball

Meatballs are fun. They make for delicious spaghetti ornaments, tasty stand-alone snacks, and my favorite Aqua Teen Hunger Force character. But it’s not every day that you get to ponder an 800-pound meatball. An orb of that girth would break the Guinness Record for World’s Largest Meatball. So this Friday night at the Columbus Italian […]


Pizzuti Short North Hotel Plans Presented Tonight

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The redevelopment of the “UCT Block” in the Short North was originally announced back in February 2008, and after some recent updates and expansions, the proposal may be moving closer to reality tonight.


Parking Meter Rates Being Updated, Hours Extended

Walker Evans Walker Evans Parking Meter Rates Being Updated, Hours Extended

The City of Columbus Parking Violations Bureau began updating all 4,215 parking meters on Tuesday and expect the project to be complete around Labor Day. Double-check the sticker on your meter, as many areas will have newly extended enforcement hours running through 10pm. The new rates are as follows: 30 minute meters at $1.00 per […]


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