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Restaurant Review: Breakfast at The Keep

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Restaurant Review: Breakfast at The Keep

The Keep isn’t particularly small, but something about it feels warm and a little intimate. It might be the fiery wall sconces, with flames that flicker and reach well beyond the boundaries of their glass lamp shades. It might be the earth tones, or the old windows that overlook the architecture of City Hall and […]

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A Look Inside ‘The Keep’ Bar at LeVeque Tower

Lauren Sega Lauren Sega A Look Inside ‘The Keep’ Bar at LeVeque Tower

When Hotel LeVeque opened last month, it brought a new purpose to the most prominent building in the Columbus skyline. The LeVeque Tower, built in 1927, had long been a place cut off from the city, reserved for those who worked in its offices. With its recent renovations, creating floors of hotel rooms, apartments, and, […]

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Hotel LeVeque Opens Doors

Lauren Sega Lauren Sega Hotel LeVeque Opens Doors

The Columbus skyline’s most prominent building, LeVeque Tower, opened its long-anticipated Hotel LeVeque today. The hotel, one of 100 Autograph Collection Hotels in the nation, takes up floors five through 10 in the tower and offers 149 rooms. It’s the result of a partnership between Illinois-based First Hospitality Group and Tower 10. The 90-year-old building, […]


22 Columbus Retailers & Other Businesses That Opened in 2016

Lauren Sega Lauren Sega 22 Columbus Retailers & Other Businesses That Opened in 2016

Columbus saw the rise and fall of a number of businesses in 2016. Most of the new or expanded ventures were in the restaurant industry, providing more feeding options to the residents of Columbus’ neighborhoods. Still, a number of this year’s start-ups, 22 to be exact, possess a different nature. Downtown saw the revival of […]

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