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Sci-Fi Spoof ‘Space Station 76’ Screening at Studio 35

Hope Madden Hope Madden Sci-Fi Spoof ‘Space Station 76’ Screening at Studio 35

It has been a whole year since the Columbus Film Council’s annual event – the nation’s longest running film festival – plied us with mead and movies. Do you find that you just can’t wait for the Columbus International Film + Video Festival? Good news! Though we are still days and days away from official […]

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Drexel/Fright Club Halloween Bash

Hope Madden Hope Madden Drexel/Fright Club Halloween Bash

It’s Halloween! And do you know what puts fun size trick or treat candies to shame? Movie size candies. So spatter yourself with blood, grab those Billy Bob teeth, and get to the Drexel Theatre for their Fright Club Halloween Party. Screening Zack Snyder’s 2004 remake of George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, the Halloween […]

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Award Winning Horror Shorts Terrorize Gateway Film Center

Hope Madden Hope Madden Award Winning Horror Shorts Terrorize Gateway Film Center

Support independent cinema while keeping Halloween alive by checking out Seven Hells, a horror anthology pulled together by celebrated local filmmaker Jason Tostevin and Gateway Film Center president Chris Hamel. Tostevin’s Hands Off Productions is a Columbus-based independent production studio whose horror/comedy short ‘Til Death traveled the festival circuit last year, raking in nearly 100 […]

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Film Review: Birdman

Hope Madden Hope Madden Film Review: Birdman

You’ve heard the buzz. It’s loud and merited. The sharp and beguiling Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) sees a brilliant director and a magnificent cast at the height of their creative powers. Playful and dark, the film follows a washed up Hollywood actor best known for a superhero franchise (an Oscar bound Michael […]


Film Review: St. Vincent

Hope Madden Hope Madden Film Review: St. Vincent

My theory is this: first time feature filmmaker Theodore Melfi is a wizard. It seems improbable, sure, but I can think of no other explanation for St. Vincent. A newly single mom hires her curmudgeonly neighbor to babysit for her precocious son. As obvious as it sounds – and is – somehow Melfi creates surprises […]

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24 Hours of Shock and Horror at Drexel Theatre

Hope Madden Hope Madden 24 Hours of Shock and Horror at Drexel Theatre

The annual feat of horror endurance that is Shock Around the Clock! returns to the Drexel Theater this weekend. The 24 hour horror movie marathon runs noon Saturday, Oct 18 to noon Sunday, Oct 19 and boasts premiers, classics, zany trailers and more. Columbus Underground joined the two headed monster in charge of the event, […]


Film Review: Annabelle

Hope Madden Hope Madden Film Review: Annabelle

Who doesn’t love a creepy-ass doll? Someone must, right? Doesn’t everybody’s old auntie keep a display case of them right in the guest bedroom where you have to sleep when you visit? And you really want to close the windows because the curtains are blowing in that menacing way, but you’d have to walk right […]

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