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Health & Wellness Week

From January 6 – 12, Columbus Underground is featuring our Health & Wellness Week series, brought to you by the YMCA of Central Ohio. Join the Y in January and pay $0 enrollment. At the Y, we’re not a health club, we’re a health movement – committed to youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. Follow us on Facebook at ymcacolumbusohio and on Twitter @YMCAColumbus. 12 locations, unlimited possibilities! The YMCA. Fit for All.

How to Get Started with the Right Training Program

Jason Yun Jason Yun How to Get Started with the Right Training Program

It’s the New Year once again! Hope your holidays were super special and you didn’t overdue it on the stuffing and gravy! The holidays are done and I’m back again for helping you find the right training program to take your body, health, nutrition and life to the next level. Last year I focused on […]

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Running for Fitness in 2014

Aimee Bross Price Aimee Bross Price Running for Fitness in 2014

Get healthy. Lose weight. Gain strength. Read a nonfiction book. Eat more greens. Resolution time is here! I prefer goal setting at this time of year simply because it implies a more deeply considered objective for the year. Setting goals means we have not only determined what we want to focus on, but also have […]


Resolutions & Recipes for a Healthier 2014

Erin Johnson Erin Johnson

The New Year brings a fresh start, a chance to set goals, make resolutions, and try new foods. Just like last year, here are three common New Year’s Resolutions and three recipes for the New Year! Columbus Underground wants to help you make New Year’s Resolutions that last with a week of articles focused on […]

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The Butcher Shop Brings Megaformer Workouts to Columbus

Walker Evans Walker Evans The Butcher Shop Brings Megaformer Workouts to Columbus

Blockbuster Video rental stores are officially a thing of the past. But the old German Village location at 780 South High Street didn’t sit empty for very long. If you haven’t already noticed, The Butcher Shop Fitness popped up in the back half of the building back in June, and has been building a customer […]

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O Hi Yoga Opens Doors in Olde Towne East

Nancy Alkire Nancy Alkire O Hi Yoga Opens Doors in Olde Towne East

Columbus, say hello to O Hi Yoga! While taking a break from the full-time corporate world to raise her kids, Olde Towne East resident Heather Sheets saw a moving van emptying a business space in her neighborhood, and next thing she knew, she was telling her husband that she had signed a lease to open […]


CrossFit – Myths and Misconceptions

Mitch Potterf Mitch Potterf CrossFit – Myths and Misconceptions

It’s a new year, resolutions are being made and on top of the heap are health and fitness promises. Most gyms will be frantically busy for the next few months until things slow down and all the determination is replaced with excuses. Chief among the fitness to-do lists is Crossfit. Crossfit is one of the […]


New Year’s Revolution

Lori DePietro-Standen Lori DePietro-Standen New Year’s Revolution

It’s that time again… New Year’s Resolution season is upon us. Many of you have made resolutions, and most of those revolve around diet and exercise. However, statistically speaking, less than half of those who make a resolution will stick to it past the six month mark. That means by June and most likely before, your resolve […]

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