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Griggs Reservoir

Lashutka Event Center Coming to Griggs Reservoir in 2016

Walker Evans Walker Evans Lashutka Event Center Coming to Griggs Reservoir in 2016

The Lashutka Event Center is slated to become a reality in 2016. Originally announced with a dedication ceremony in September 2014, the Gregory S. Lashutka Event Center located at 2933 Riverside Drive, will boast a renovated space to host events at the scenic Griggs Reservoir Park. The new event center is a $1.96 million renovation and expansion of the […]

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Hydroelectric Speculation Comes to Griggs Dam

 Alex Silbajoris

As “green energy” becomes more attractive, hydroelectric power is drawing more interest. By generating electricity and selling it to the grid, there is profit to be made from flowing water. Companies are prospecting claims on existing and potential dam sites, and one such example is Columbus’ Griggs Dam on the Scioto River. Hydroelectric projects operate […]


Locating the New Boathouse on Griggs Reservoir

 Alex Silbajoris

The new boathouse on Griggs has received coverage in the local media from time to time in 2008. I was involved in the process, and I wrote an article describing it. It’s a long story with many elements.   SciotoRiverFriends.org wrote Locating the New Boathouse on Griggs Reservoir  by Alex Silbajoris For many years, the […]

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