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Cooking At Home: Ginger Beer-Glazed Roast Duck

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Cooking At Home: Ginger Beer-Glazed Roast Duck

Columbus Underground is prepping for Thanksgiving and the Holiday Cooking Season this week with our Cooking at Home series, brought to you by our friends at The North Market! We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Trinidad, but during the holidays, my mum would always prepare a fancy bird to accompany the ham, stews, and sides that […]

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Buying Local Food Doesn’t End in the Fall


A lot of people think the growing season ends in the fall, and therefore local eating ends there too. I thought the same thing; but it doesn’t. Last Saturday I walked to the North Market to get my groceries and found an abundance of locally grown food from The Greener Grocer and Bluescreek – Apples, Bacon, Carrots, English Roast, Mixed […]


CU Podcast #27: Local Matters & Greener Grocer

Walker Evans Walker Evans

In this week’s podcast we sit down with Michael Jones, Executive Director of Local Matters and owner of The Greener Grocer located in the North Market. Michael discusses several of the local food programs that these entities provide to Central Ohio, as well as some of the changing national trends in sustainability, urban farming, and […]


Food Justice: Take A Bite Out Of Culinary Crime!

crsimp01 crsimp01

You will not find any super heroes here or at least find anyone wearing a cape and possessing extraordinary powers. Though, you will find people spreading the word that what you are eating may be contributing to the destruction of your well-being. Their weapon of choice: educating the public that you don’t have to be […]


Greener Grocer’s Veggie Van Ready to Roll

crsimp01 crsimp01

The Greener Grocer’s Veggie Van will be kicking off its tour of Cbus-area neighborhoods on Monday. The Greener Grocer’s Veggie Van offers fresh, local and healthy fruits and vegetables straight from the farm to our neighbors in need. It is a farm market on wheels. The Veggie Van is equipped to accept EBT cards (Food […]


How to buy both Chicken and Eggs Downtown

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The lack of grocery options is a very real problem Downtown. It’s difficult to convince a developer to build a store without a critical mass of residents in the area, and it’s difficult to convince people to move downtown when one of their number one amenities is located just outside their neighborhood. Is there a […]


The Greener Grocer opened in the North Market

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Press Release wrote The Greener Grocer opened in the historic North Market in Columbus Tuesday January 8, 2008. Our goal is to support local, Ohio and sustainable agriculture whenever possible. we offer a fair deal and encourage environmental, economic and social responsibility. We are also interested in custom food crops for direct sale to the […]


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The Columbus Coffee Festival Returns!

The 6th Annual Columbus Coffee Festival returns on Saturday September 25th and Sunday September 26th!