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Great Ohio Best Burger Hunt

Best Burger in Ohio Hunt – Graffiti Burger Edition

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Over two years ago, Lisa the Waitress set out to find the best burger in all of Ohio and chronicle her results at RestaurantWidow.com. We’ve been closely following her results when it comes to Central Ohio burgers, but her journey has also taken her Cincinnati and Lima. After about a year of hiatus, the burger […]


The Great Best Burger in Ohio: Gallo’s Tap Room

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Restaurant Widow wrote The Great Best Burger in Ohio: Gallo’s Tap Room Thursday, December 13, 2007 Posted by Lisa the Waitress Finally! I think I have more readers nagging me to continue the burger hunt than times my mom nagged me to stop wearing all black in high school! That’s why, when Sunday came around […]

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