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Plant Soon for a Fall/Winter Vegetable Garden


Many people put their garden beds to rest after the tomatoes have ripened, but that need not be the case. Now is the time to plan and prepare for fall vegetable garden plantings, also called succession planting. It’s a great time to start gardening even if you’ve never grown food for yourself! If you want […]


In My Garden: Becke and Paul Boyer

Anne Evans Anne Evans

Becke and Paul Boyer have turned their backyard into a wonderful space that yields lots of food. They love having such a variety of foods available from their own yard. Some of the things they are growing include: raspberries, blueberries, black raspberries, blackberries, mulberries, strawberries, melons, zucchini, sweet corn, tomatoes, many herbs, swiss chard, carrots, […]


In My Garden: Dru & Jeannie in Italian Village

Anne Evans Anne Evans

Dru and Jeannie Simmons are not new to gardening. They have been participating in the Italian Village community garden for a number of years. But this year, the plot was sold and no longer able to be used as a community garden. Rather than give up, they teamed up with 17 other households to create […]


Small Space Gardening for Edibles


Growing food ourselves is seeing a resurgence in popularity, at least in part due to concerns about the economy. Thanks to Greg Maynard’s vision, even Goodale Park has edible plants tucked into flower beds this year. (Have you spotted them?) If you’re not someone with an open, sunny backyard, you might not think you can […]


Growing Native Plants in Your Own Backyard


Ah, April showers. I am lovin’ this rain today! Each rain encourages more of the plants in my yard to peek out. Every few days, I notice something new in the yard. Last year, I expanded the woodland garden in my backyard. I anxiously seek signs that this latest experiment survived a year. The biggest […]


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