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Via Email from MORPC: Shaping our Future is a plan the Mid Ohio Regional Planning is spearheading for 12 counties in central Ohio. Expected to be completed in 2012, Shaping Our Future will integrate elements that impact the region including the transportation system, land use patterns, air quality, energy security, water quality, food production, and […]


What Columbus Needs: Transportation

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From The Alive: What Columbus Needs: Transportation – Moving people, not cars By John Ross Respondents to the What Columbus Needs survey agreed that the city needs to improve public transportation, with nearly 60 percent saying the system in Columbus is much worse than networks in other cities. User-generated comments clashed on whether Columbus needs […]


ColumbusUnderground.com Version 8.0

Walker Evans Walker Evans

The new revamp of Columbus Underground has only been up for a few hours, but I’m already hearing some of the regulars describing it as being “Columbus Underground 2.0”. That might be accurate for many people who have only been around for the past year or two and only know Columbus Underground as it’s most […]


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