Fusian Opens Clintonville Location

Walker Evans Walker Evans Fusian Opens Clintonville Location

The fourth Columbus location for FUSIAN officially opens today at 4214 North High Street in Clintonville. The Cincinnati-based sushi chain has rapidly grown its presence in Columbus over the past several years, with stores at Easton, The South Campus Gateway and on Fifth Avenue. “Clintonville, is one of the most eclectic neighborhoods in Columbus,” says […]

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First Look: FUSIAN Grandview

Rebecca Wagner Rebecca Wagner First Look: FUSIAN Grandview

Cincinnati-based sushi company FUSIAN is about to open its third Columbus location. The build-your-own-roll sushi restaurant has outposts at Easton and the South Campus Gateway, and will open a store at 855 West Fifth Avenue on Monday. The company is referring to the new location as its Grandview store, even though it’s technically within the […]


Restaurant Review: Fusian

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Restaurant Review: Fusian

It had to happen eventually. The Chipotle assembly-line BYOB (build your own burrito) style has invaded practically every eating genre: pizza, pasta, salads and stir-fry… And now the South Campus Gateway has added a restaurant called Fusian, it serves assembly-line sushi. Fusian is sort of cute, really. And sort of crowded too, with a long […]


Fusian Bringing Sushi to South Campus Gateway

Walker Evans Walker Evans Fusian Bringing Sushi to South Campus Gateway

The South Campus Gateway is getting a taste for raw fish next month with the grand opening of FUSIAN, a fast-casual sushi restaurant where you can choose your own ingredients to create your own rolls. The restaurant is the brainchild of brothers (and OSU grads) Zach and Josh Weprin, along with partner Stephan Harman. They launched their […]


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