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BREAK: A Horror Film from CutThroat Entertainment


You might think you know what to expect when a mix of irreverent young adults find their way into a dark forest and start tossing around scary campfire tales and blood-drenched rumors about an unstable axe murderer who terrorized the area in the past, but was never captured. As the past starts to horrifically intersect with […]


CAPA Announces 2009 Summer Movies Series


One of the best summer events of downtown was announced today – CAPA announced the lineup for their 2009 Summer Movies Series, held in the Ohio Theatre. This year marks the 39th year for the event. The movies start on July 17 and run until August 30. Some highlights include King Kong (1933), The Day […]


Sweeney Todd – A Splatter Musical


Sweeney Todd review by Susan Halpern Tim Burton has invented a new film genre, the splatter musical. Sweeney Todd is a great film, although certainly not for everyone. It is, at times, bleak, beautiful, grisly, angry, tragic, and funny. As with all of Tim Burton’s movies, the visual components are amazing. The dark smokey dystopian […]


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This year’s Urban Living Tour event has been postponed due to COVID-19, but will be returning later this summer!

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