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Ohio Film Office Music Video Challenge


The Ohio Film Office is sponsoring a Music Video Challenge to support filmmakers throughout the state while partnering with Ohio educational institutions and musicians. Each production team has three weeks to partner with a musical act, create a concept, shoot the video, edit the video and post it to be judged (rated) on the official […]


Underworld Movie Ticket Giveaway This Week

Walker Evans Walker Evans

This Tuesday, Columbus Underground will be giving away movies passes for a sneak peek screening of Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. You can grab tickets by stopping in the Delicious Real Estate Offices Downtown at 254 South 4th Street on Wednesday (Jan 21st) between 11:30am and 12:30pm. We’ve got 50 tickets to give away, and […]


Dude-A-Thon This Weekend at Studio 35

Walker Evans Walker Evans

This weekend, Studio 35 is hosting a three-day event revolving around one of the Coen Brothers’ finest films: The Big Lebowski. It’s sure to be a celebration of beer, bowling, and a constant stream of movie references and memorable quote from the film. I sat down with Rita Volpi and Eric Brembeck, co-owners of Studio […]


Best Movie of 2008: The Dark Knight

Anne Evans Anne Evans

Film is one of the most often discussed forms of entertainment on the Columbus Underground messageboard, and all the buzz around The Dark Knight throughout the year made it the landslide winner in our Best Movie of 2008 survey. The discussion around the movie started back in 2007 when the first trailers were revealed to […]


Ohio pols give thumbs-up to moviemaker tax breaks

Coremodels Coremodels

  wtte28.com wrote Ohio pols give thumbs-up to moviemaker tax breaks  December 18, 2008 State lawmakers have approved tax credits for the film industry, hoping to encourage moviemakers to spend their money in Ohio. The Ohio Senate on Wednesday voted 21-11 to pass a tax credit for movie makers equal to 25 percent of investments […]


Interview with Bruce Campbell

 Jim Lauwers Interview with Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell Interview Featuring JimL2 as the one trying not to choke on his own tongue. Walker Evans as His Boss. And Walker’s son Desi as “the distracting noises in the background.” My Name is Bruce will be playing at the Landmark Gateway Theater starting Wednesday, November 19th. Showings at 1:00pm, 3:15pm, 5:30pm, 7:45pm, 9:50pm, […]


Ex-Drexel Theater to reopen in Grandview


The Dispatch wrote Ex-Drexel to reopen in Grandview Wednesday, October 29, 2008 BY AMY SAUNDERS The Drexel Grandview theater, which closed a month ago, will reopen in January with a new name and a new operator. David Nedrow, a manager of the former Drexel North theater, said Monday that he and his wife, Jennifer Stancel, […]


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