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Fibonacci's Pizzeria

Short Order: Fibonacci’s Pizzeria

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Short Order: Fibonacci’s Pizzeria

During the pandemic, a pizza place in a movie house might find itself in an especially precarious position. Movie joints, generally, have been hit hard by social changes brought about by public health concerns. Add to this equation the fact that movie food requires de-masking, and you’ve got… Well, you’ve found the spot wherein Fibonacci’s Pizzeria […]

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Studio 35 Expands with Pizzeria & Second Screen

Susan Post Susan Post Studio 35 Expands with Pizzeria & Second Screen

Studio 35 is a single-screen theater no more. Taking over the second floor that was once an apartment and a projection booth, the Clintonville movie theater has added a second screen – and its very on pizzeria. Owners Eric Brembeck and Rita Volpi have had their sights set on the second floor renovation since they […]

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