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Dewey’s Pizza: coming soon to West 5th

 Mister MooCow

Anybody know anything about the new Dewey’s Pizza going in on 5th near Northwest? The sign out front says they’re not going to open until early 2009. The website says that their menus vary by city (currently in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, and St. Louis), but I didn’t notice any differences in my quick […]


Another Sonic in Columbus on Olentangy River Road

 The Hegemo

The Lantern wrote Popular drive-in restaurant comes to Olentangy Matt Hancharick Issue date: 10/14/08 Soon, students can add another restaurant to their checklist of places to eat. A new Sonic Drive-In is under construction on Olentangy River Road, and will open its doors 6 a.m. Oct. 27. Sonic is a drive-in food chain where customers […]


Review: Village Coney


The life of a restaurant reviewer isn’t all about fine dining and ginormous checks at the end of the evening. Even those of us who make eating out our livelihood have our cache of places that we go to regularly on the cheap, to buy comfort food that isn’t fancy, but is just *good*. Village […]


Chain Restaurants are Crazy About Columbus


The Dispatch wrote Crazy About Columbus Sunday, March 30, 2008 3:32 AM BY MONIQUE CURET Central Ohio, long known as a place where restaurant chains are born and nurtured, lately has had a different kind of growth on the menu. A number of restaurant chains based elsewhere have announced plans to expand in the area. […]


Sonic Drive-In at Polaris is now open

vestanpance vestanpance

went on saturday. Waited 20 mins for food, then went to ask what was taking so long and I was told they brought the food out and nobody was there to claim it. Ummm I didn’t move my car so not sure how that could have happened. Anyway they gave it to me for free […]


Wendy’s wants nothing to do with Downtown

Walker Evans Walker Evans

Downtown Columbus continues to revitalize into 2008 thanks in large part to the backing of local corporations and organizations including Nationwide, Grange, Huntington, OSU, CCAD, and plenty of others. These local companies are proud of their Columbus roots and see the value in putting money back into their communities. Wendy’s on the other hand has […]


What the hell is this new burger from Wendy’s?

 Jim Lauwers

“Sandwich #168” as it is lovingly known by the Wendy’s webmasters What the hell is this new burger from Wendy’s? Jalapeno slices and pepperjack cheese and fake cheddar cheese and bacon, between two full-sized hamburger patties? Jesus christ, were they playing Exquisite Corpse when they came up with this one? It has mustard and honey […]


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