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Element Pizza

OH Pizza & Brew Replaces Element Pizza

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson OH Pizza & Brew Replaces Element Pizza

Columbus is a town that loves its pizza. From the national chains, to the mom and pop shop, to food trucks, pizza remains as one of the most beloved foods. And one of the hardest to get just right. Luke Edwards believes he has a winning formula though. He’s been working on his dough recipe […]

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Review: Element Pizza Bar

 Morgan Kelley Review: Element Pizza Bar

There’s been a rise in artisan pizza options in Columbus over the past few years. First came bono pizza, followed by Yellow Brick and Harvest Pizzeria. The newest shop to open is Element Pizza Bar, located on a quiet intersection Downtown in a very unassuming building. Little exterior work was done to the building, so […]


Element Pizza Adds Cocktails to Menu

Walker Evans Walker Evans Element Pizza Adds Cocktails to Menu

Element Pizza is one of the newest restaurants to enter the Downtown market, having made their debut in August. This new restaurant prides itself on offering an unique style of pie that is halfway between a traditional Italian pizza and something unique and local to the Ohio ingredient landscape. Earlier this week, Element Pizza’s liquor […]


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