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NEXT: Squirrels & Drones

David Staley David Staley NEXT: Squirrels & Drones

Anyone who has spent time wandering Ohio State’s Oval cannot help but to encounter a squirrel scampering around, going about their business, usually avoiding people. Occasionally, you can see people feeding them, although truth be told, I do not see this kind of activity as much as I once did. At one time, squirrels were […]

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NEXT: Mechanized Warfare

David Staley David Staley NEXT: Mechanized Warfare

The videos are certainly impressive, and just a little creepy.  If you go on YouTube and search “Boston Dynamics,” you can see some of their work.  Boston Dynamics is developing robots—both four-legged and bipedal—that are capable of impressive feats of locomotion and balance. One example includes a four-legged robot that can maneuver over a variety […]

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